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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helping us thrive in the new Normal

While we continue with our fight against Covid and adjusting to our new normal, we are seeing that BJJ continues to be a great source of mental relief and release for our students.

TGA's philosophy of Tribulation, Patience and Hope are not only the corner stones for practicing and improving on our BJJ but also the philosophy for managing the stresses of life under our new normal.

Tribulation presents itself with the adversities that life presents us either in the form of unforeseen events such as the global pandemic or in training against a stronger or more experienced opponent. We will always face new challenges in life which at first will seem unsurmountable but once past, will be a great source of learning and strength.

Patience is a virtue not only in understanding that as with all things in life that this too shall pass. We believe that with good governance in our society and community-minded responsibility that we can emerge from the crises stronger and ready to take on greater challenges. In the practice of BJJ, we have patience and trust in the technique and training such that we seek to drive a 1% improvement everyday and compound the returns that we get from our daily investments.

Hope is not blind hope, but a gentle confidence that by doing what is right, we will reap the benefits of our sacrifices and hard-work in a society that will eventually emerge from the pandemic. The Hope with BJJ is that it takes on average 10years to acquire the coveted black belt, time will eventually pass and the years will fly by, why not work towards the achievement that, while may seem unobtainable, can be yours with the right mindset.

Human connection and development of a growth mindset is more important than ever in these trying times. At The Gentle Art Academy our dedicated Black Belt coaches are fully committed to providing the best training and support for you. We would love to see you on the mats. Come by and say hi anytime

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