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Future Proofing TGA's Kids through Coding with Potato Pirates

At TGA we reinforce the values of confidence, resilience and resourcefulness. So when we heard that Aditya (one of our adult blue belts) was running a successful program to build educational capacity within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), we knew that we needed to partner to host an introduction to coding session for our students.

Aditya' company Codomo had created one of the most successful coding card games, 'Potato Pirates' which teaches 10 hours of coding in a simple 30 minute game. 

This Saturday morning we got 30 TGA members together at The Mox to play Potato Pirates. Both kids and adults had a great time learning and applying coding concepts. It got very competitive and everyone picked up the rules very quickly. At the end of the session Aditya explained how the game taught concepts of complex coding languages in a non-threatening and accessible way. Many students took home the box set and we'll all be practicing to battle each other in the future and uplift our coding knowledge. Thanks Again Aditya and Codomo! TGA