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Singapore's toughest competitors battle it out during the TGA Internal Kids comp

Singapore's toughest competitors met on July 14th to battle it out during the TGA Bi-Annual Kids Competition and Awards Presentation.

The competition ran very smoothly where the competitors amazed Parents and Coaches alike with their technical skill, tenacity and stamina to give us a day of exciting fights. 

The winners by group are:

Group 1

Gold: Gabriella Chua

Silver: Peiru Jiang

Bronze: Ruhen Almeida


Best Partner: Peiru Jiang

Best Sportsman: Gabriella Chua

Special Merit Award: Kayla Tan

Group 2:

Gold: Jules Wong

Silver: Charlie McCune

Bronze: Ethan Chua


Best Takedown: Charlie McCune

Most Technical: Andrew Dawson

Special Merit Award: Ethan Chua

Special Merit Award: Alex Fan

Group 3:

Gold: Elijah Chong

Silver: Timothy Lau

Bronze: Chester Chong 


Best Sportsman: Elijah Chong

Special Merit Award: Chester Chong

Group 4:

Gold: Dewi Ryan

Silver: Keira Teo

Bronze: Hanyu Lim


Most Technical: Han Yu Lim

Special Merit Award: Keira Teo

Special Merit Award: Dewi Ryan

Group 5:

Gold: Dylan Teo

Silver: Ryan Thomson

Bronze: Oliver Wilson


Best Takedown: Quinn Young

Most Technical: Dylan Teo

Best Sportsman: Xi Cheng Wang

Best Partner: Hayden Gill

Special Merit Award: Kenzo Prasad

Special Merit Award: Ryan Thomson

Awards were also presented to students for Best Takedowns, Most Technical, Best Partner and Best Sportsman. Given the level of talent that the students have demonstrated, it was very hard for the coaches to decide on which students to present the coveted awards to and we created a Special Merit category to recognise their improvement in all areas of BJJ as well as demonstrating the TGA's values of respect and hard work. Each award comes with a private class with one of TGA's instructors to help work on a special technique to take their game to the next level. 

We're so proud of all the students who competed and are very grateful to be their guides on their BJJ journey. We can't wait to see what they'll surprise us with next. 

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