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Dumau Cup Kids Competition March 2018

On March 11th 2018 TGA kids and coaches went to war and WOW did the team impress!

The morning started with the team meeting at Aperia Mall at 8 am to do registrations weigh ins. During that time the coaches also warmed the kids up, gave them some last minute prep and reminders to stick to our game plan.

Lots can be said about the day and the fights but in short the team not only performed to expectations, but massively exceeded them, accumulating 27 medals comprising of 9 golds, 13 silvers and 5 bronze!! In addition Professor Arthur got a silver medal in his absolute weight black belt fight where he competed against an opponent who outweighed him by 30kg and Coach Jar won gold in his purple featherweight category.

The success was mainly due to the kids hard work as well as the new TGA proprietary syllabus structure which has greatly improved the kids knowledge of ground fundamentals, point scoring, offensive take-downs and submission defence. The interesting and scary fact is that we have only just begun!! The kids are only halfway through the fundamentals syllabus and will soon be moving to advanced positions and submissions.

The kids also followed the competition strategy to a T, listening well to the coaches and maintaining their dominant positions throughout their matches and as much as possible minimising the possibility of weak positions and submissions.

We look forward to showing more improvements in the next Comp!

Please enjoy the pics below


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