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TGA Parents Seminar

TGA held our first bjj parents seminar as an update to our kid's parents on BJJ and our program as a whole.

As BJJ is a highly complex art we aim to enable parents to better understand it better so as to participate in their children's journey and more effectively support them.

The seminar consisted of first sharing TGA's mission on instilling confidence, teaching self defence and for developing good BJJ fundamentals in our students.

Second we wanted to educate the parents on the history and objectives of BJJ as well as ways to win the fight through point scoring and submissions.

Finally we shared the upcoming events such as competition, camps as well as updates to our programs and syllabus.

For those that couldn't attend, we will be hosting these seminars regularly with the next one scheduled for mid January.

We hope that the session was informative to all who attended and again we are deeply grateful for the trust you put in us to coach and teach your children this beautiful art. Thank you again.

Enjoy the pics below.


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