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The Gentle Art Academy Internal Kids Competition and Promotions

On November 12th we held our 3rd internal kids competition and promotions. The main purpose of the day was to show the parents and kids the progress that they had made over the last few months since we refreshed our program and updated our syllabus.

Under Professor Brendan the kids have made massive improvements in their knowledge and application of BJJ, understanding the intricacies of the BJJ points system, developing winning strategies and accelerating their progress up the belt ranks.

The fights were highly technical and many of the techniques we've been drilling were put into practice and impressed both coaches and parents alike.

Over 60 children participated in the event making it one of the largest competitions to be held in a single school in Singapore.

We also were proud to recognise the achievements of the kids by awarding stripes to 20 children and new belts ranging from Grey to Orange to 40 others.

We will continue to bring the best training and coaching to the kids to make them a force to be reckoned with on the local and regional circuits.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below and see you on the mats.


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