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Tomoyuki Hashimoto Seminar

This week, The Gentle Art Academy, were lucky to have Tomoyuki Hashimoto (2015 Brown Belt Roosterweight World Champion) come visit from Carpe Diem and share the fundamentals of his game as well as the techniques that he has used with great success in competition.

Hashimoto stayed with us for a whole week where he demonstrated the concepts of both his guard and passing game. The level of talent he possesses is hard to describe in words and only when rolling with him do you get a sense of the skill required to be competitive on the world circuit.

Hashimoto will hopefully make his entry into Black Belt competition next year where he will be in the murderers row of competitors such as Bruno Malfacine and Joao Miyao. He is still only 22 years old and has a very bright future in BJJ ahead of him. Look out for his name in the near future.

Thank you Hashimoto for sharing your amazing BJJ with us.

Enjoy some pics below of the week in training.





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