Champion BJJ Blackbelts
Coach Authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt
Coach BJJ Blackbelt and MMA Champion
Assistant Coach Nogi Champion

Program Director – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Flow


Brendan began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Australia in 2006 and earned his black belt in 2017.


Brendan has a passion for teaching kids and developing their self-confidence through BJJ. He balanced his work as a senior director for multiple Fortune 500 companies with his passion for BJJ and eventually opened The Gentle Art (TGA) Academy in 2014. The goal of TGA to make BJJ accessible to both adults and children and to showcase the beauty of BJJ in a safe and fun environment. Brendan is also responsible in putting together the BJJ syllabus and training program at TGA.  

Brendan is also a certified Suples© Pro Instructor under Ivan Ivanov and runs the Suples© Bulgarian Bag classes. 


Favourite position: Half–guard

Favourite submission: Cross-collar choke.



Coach – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Flow

Arthur Gomes started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1997 and earned his blackbelt in 2008 under Master Jair Lourenço (Kimura Nova União).

Arthur has competed successfully in the highly competitive Brazilian circuit winning gold at both his weight and open absolutes. Arthur is our very own encyclopedia of BJJ moves. He also practices Gymnastica Natural, agility movement drills and judo to complement his BJJ. Arthus is passionate about coaching both adults and children at a recreational and competition level.


Favourite top position: Guard pass

Favourite bottom positions: Lasso guard, half guard,

x-guard and butterfly guard.







Coach – BJJ/Strength and Conditioning/MMA


Froilan is a Black Belt under Andre Galvao. He started training BJJ in 2004 and has competed successfully in numerous competitions across all belt levels. Often medaling Gold.


Detailed and highly technical, Froilan enjoys coaching people across all ages and levels. In his younger days, Froilan also competes competitively in Mixed Martial Arts. Aside from Jiu Jitsu Froilan enjoys swimming, biking and mountain climbing.


Favourite position: Mount

Favourite submission: Cross collar choke from front and Rear naked choke.




Assistant Coach – BJJ/Strength and Conditioning


Jar Arboleda is a highly competitive Purple belt under Andre Galvao and started training in 2009. He has competed successfully in multiple regional competitions and often attaining podium finishes.


Especially good with kids and beginners, Jar is a great asset on TGA's team. He desires to compete actively in international and regional championships as well as coach the kids and adult teams in the competition circuit. In his spare time, Jar also enjoys indulging in movies and gaming on the PS4.


Favourite position: X-guard

Favourite submission: Triangle choke